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Hey everyone!

I’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps lately, so here is an inspirational quote to get me out of this hole and for anybody who is going through the same!


❤ T. A. Nelson

I’m a writer who’s working on books and is in the query trenches. Follow me on here as well as on twitter @WriterInHorror

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What to do When you Feel Down About Your Writing

Being a writer, we all have that moment in time when we feel our writing just down right sucks. But that’s okay I imagine it has/ will happen to all of us, even to the well-known famous authors. IT’S NORMAL. So, to help you get out of the funk, here are a few tips I have tried and believe might help you get over it.


As soon as it happens step away! Step away from your project and don’t dive back into it until you are fully recovered.


You need to not think about it. And I mean NOT AT ALL or it will only worsen your insecurities toward your project. Do something that you like. Do something that fully relaxes you. Read, watch tv, hang out with friends/family, take a walk, etc. You have to do something to release the stress physically and most importantly mentally.


Work on something else. Just because you feel one project might not feel like it’s working at the moment doesn’t mean you should give up on writing period. You need to keep going at it and maybe as you are writing something else once you go back to your previously project you might see it through a better, fresh set of eyes!


Lastly, what I believe might help is watching a video about your favorite author or other authors who talk about when they felt at their lowest with their writing and see how they got back up again and succeeded. This has always given me strength to continue and keep on going with my writing and to not ever look back. Because of this, I have even seen my favorite authors had days where I felt just as low as they did.

That is all! I hope you’d enjoyed reading my little tips and I hope this has helped! Thank you so much for reading and make sure you follow me on here as well as on Twitter @WriterInHorror and Wattpad @livinginmymindgirl 

❤ T. A. Nelson 

What is the hardest part of writing?

Writing is hard, period. But there are times when writing feels impossible. When is this for you?

The hardest part, for me, is when I feel utterly drained of words and energy. I become stuck, and my brain just can’t seem to get the right words and phrases out. But that’s okay. Every writer goes through this.

What I believe it’s called is writer’s block. Even famous writers battle this. And that’s okay. As soon as the words come back, that’s when the magic happens. So, just stick it out, and when you come back, what you missed will come flowing out.


❤ T. A. Nelson

I’m a horror writer, who is working on my first novel. Follow me on here, as well as twitter @ WriterInHorror and Wattpad @ livinginmymindgirl

Tips to get yourself back in the writing mood

Writers all have that moment in time where you just don’t feel like writing or suddenly become stuck, not knowing how to get your mind to fall back into your story. I, too, as a writer struggle with this endlessly at times, so here are my five tips that work for me that might work for you.

Tip #1 – Read.

Reading is a great tool to get yourself back into writing. It can help spark new ideas or build up your imagination. I notice after I read for a bit, my writing seems much stronger. Remember, writers are working, even while we read.

Tip #2 – Listen to music

Listening to music can be relaxing. It’s known to release stress. But it is not only relaxing, it might strengthen your imagination and words.

Tip #3 – Sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is good for the body as well as your mind. If you’re tired, how can you except to concentrate on a scene? And who knows, the next time you fall asleep and dream, it might become your next story idea. Famous writers have had dreams where it became their next book.

Tip #4 – Watching TV

You might not think watching TV will do nothing to help, but it can reduce stress. Sometimes, we just need to sit back, put our feet up, and just relax and forget about our worries. And watching a movie or show might just be what you need.

Tip #5 Exercise

Exercising is the one of the most important tips. It not only is great for your health and body; it’s great for the mind. Make sure to fit it into your schedule.

Those were my five steps. I hope they might have been helpful. I’m a horror writer, who is working on my first YA Crossover, follow me on here as well as my twitter @ WriterInHorror and Wattpad @ livinginmymindgirl

❤ T. A. Nelson