Are you a Plotter or a Panster?


When it comes to writing are you a plotter or a panster? Well, before you decide on that let’s find out what each one means.

Plotter: A writer who plans out their entire novel before they write.

Panster: A writer who does no planning out all. The novel tends to lead them the way instead.

For me, I lead more toward a panster. Before I begin to write, I have a pretty good sense what the plot is and what way I am mostly leading toward, but I do not have the full outline of it. As I write, I see the ideas start to come as I am writing. If I had a whole outline planned, I believe it would change the deeper I got into the novel. Ideas jump out at me randomly and most likely it wasn’t any idea I thought was going to be in the novel. Overall, I’d say the novel will speak to me when it wants to and guide me the right way it is supposed to. A full outline is not needed as long as you are writing.

Listen to the King – quote-tracking-account-planning-is-rather-like-counting-a-mixed-batch-of-tropical-fish-you-stephen-king-52-11-36

So, now, which one are you?

❤ T. A. Nelson

I’m a horror writer who’s working on books and is in the query stage. Make sure to follow me on here as well as on Twitter @WriterInHorror and Wattpad @livinginmymindgirl