Update on Book: Querying

I started sending queries out on June 6th, one by a PitMad request and the other four just a standard query without a request. Four of those were rejected. Devastating, of course, but I know it is part of the business. I still have one out that I sent out as one of the other four and I just sent out another two. Keeping my fingers crossed. Querying is hard but can’t give up! It is part of the writing journey.

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Why the last book in The Merciless series was the best

  1. The characters were a little older
  2. Sofia Flores is back
  3. The setting
  4. The plot
  5. The ending

The one thing we don’t see much in YA novels is characters who are in college. It was a nice change to read and a little easier for me to relate to them. They didn’t seem as naive and a little less pesky, which I find a bit annoying in YA novels. I wish more books included this.

The character we first meet in the the very first book of the series is back. This was awesome! And I wasn’t expecting it. I thought it blended into the book perfectly and I liked getting to see what happened to her and how she possessed Berkley.

I loved how it was set in Italy. I’ve never been there, and the author did an awesome job making me feel like I was actually there. Her showing is terrific. It was a fresh change to always reading novels set in the US.

In my opinion, the plot in The Merciless 4 was the best out of the series. It was intriguing, scary, fun, and the flashback scenes to Berkley in the mental institution tied in just right.

And lastly, the ending was everything I was hoping for. Shocking, brutal, and just outright horror.

If you haven’t read The Merciless series, what are you waiting for?! It is such a fun read for horror fans, and the last one is everything you’d hope it to be. Get yourself the series!

❤ T. A. Nelson

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