Next Book I Plan to Read


This baby comes out Tuesday! Can’t wait to get my hands on this, and can’t wait to see how the series ends! Will be getting it as soon as it comes out.


❤ T. A. Nelson 

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Was Deadpool 2 better than Deadpool?

I had seen Deadpool 2 on Saturday, and I came out of the theater undecided on which one was better. But all throughout the rest of the day, I couldn’t help but lean a little more towards the second. The film was much better than I had expected it to be. It was funny, had a great story line, and surprisingly emotional.

I felt the story line was much more in depth than the first, and the death of Vanessa had me in utter shock I couldn’t help but have it in the back of my mind the whole time. I loved the fight scenes, The X-Force, the humor, and the kid. The scenes with Wade Wilson and Vanessa had been done perfectly, and I loved the version of Take On Me.

Overall, I loved the film so much, and I was ultimately surprised I liked the second installment better!

❤ T. A. Nelson

I’m a horror writer who is working on her first book. Follow me on here, as well as on twitter @ WriterInHorror and Wattpad @ livinginmymindgirl