Update on Book 2

I’m on another round of revision. Sixteen chapters down and twenty-four more to go! And then, I have to clean up my query and tighten my synopsis a bit. PitMad is a little more than a week away. I’m going to be participating. I will be working on my pitches as well.

Wish me luck!

❤ T. A. Nelson


What is the hardest part of writing?

Writing is hard, period. But there are times when writing feels impossible. When is this for you?

The hardest part, for me, is when I feel utterly drained of words and energy. I become stuck, and my brain just can’t seem to get the right words and phrases out. But that’s okay. Every writer goes through this.

What I believe it’s called is writer’s block. Even famous writers battle this. And that’s okay. As soon as the words come back, that’s when the magic happens. So, just stick it out, and when you come back, what you missed will come flowing out.


❤ T. A. Nelson

I’m a horror writer, who is working on my first novel. Follow me on here, as well as twitter @ WriterInHorror and Wattpad @ livinginmymindgirl

Friend Request Review

I decided to watch a movie on Netflix and went with Friend Request. I have seen the trailer when it was out in theaters, but I had no desire to see it then. So, when I hit play I had very low expectations. The storyline seemed very cheesy, but as I got further into watching the story seemed a bit unique and had twists I didn’t seem coming.

Like all horror movies, there were jumps scares, and a few of them had gotten me. The characters seemed a bit more realistic, and were not two dimensional like some horror movies I’ve seen before. I felt a weird like connection towards them, especially Alycia Debnam-Carey’s character. I liked the witch spell/curse combined into this generation with technology and I thought the plot was decent because of it. The soundtrack was surprisingly good and I couldn’t help but fall in love with its theme song The beginning by Gary Go. I even now find myself listening to it once in a while.

Overall, I liked the film and I enjoyed watching it. You might not want to give it a chance by it’s trailers and promotions, but don’t let that be your excuse to not watch it. It’s a decent film and even has a bit of a sadness to it. Friend Request is a great horror movie to watch one day you’re bored.

❤ T. A. Nelson

I’m a writer who writes horror and is working on my first YA Crossover novel. Follow me on here, as well as Twitter @ WriterInHorror and Wattpad @ livinginmymindgirl